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Expertise Of Our WordPress PHP Developers

At Karmaa Source Pvt Ltd, we offer dedicated PHP developers in India to fulfill your WordPress development needs. Whether you need a custom WordPress website, plugin development, theme customization, or ongoing maintenance, our skilled PHP programmers are ready to assist you.

Get Professional WordPress Developers team

Get Professional WordPress Developers team

Our WordPress Development Services

Our WordPress developers specialize in:

Custom WordPress Website Development

WordPress Theme Customization

Plugin Development and Integration

WordPress Migration and Upgrades

WordPress Maintenance and Support

WooCommerce Development

WordPress SEO Optimization

Custom WordPress Design

If you want to use PHP to its fullest

If you want to use PHP to its fullest

Expertise of our WordPress PHP Developers
Custom PHP Web Application Development

Our PHP developers excel in crafting custom web applications tailored to your specific requirements. From dynamic websites to complex web portals, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life with PHP.

Custom PHP Web Application Development

Our PHP developers excel in crafting custom web applications tailored to your specific requirements. From dynamic websites to complex web portals, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life with PHP.

PHP Upgradations & Migrations

Stay updated with the latest PHP versions and ensure seamless migration of your existing PHP applications. Our developers are proficient in upgrading PHP applications and handling migration projects efficiently.

PHP Extension Development

Need custom PHP extensions to enhance the functionality of your applications? Our developers have the expertise to develop and integrate PHP extensions that cater to your unique business needs.

Our WordPress PHP developers possess extensive expertise in various areas of PHP development, making them highly skilled and capable of delivering top-notch solutions for your web application needs.

Support & Maintenance

Our PHP developers provide ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your PHP applications running smoothly. From troubleshooting issues to implementing updates, we ensure the optimal performance of your web applications.

PHP eCommerce / CMS Development

Build robust eCommerce platforms or content management systems (CMS) using PHP. Our developers specialize in developing scalable and feature-rich eCommerce websites and CMS solutions to power your online presence.

Web Services & API Development

Integrate third-party services or develop custom APIs with our PHP developers. We have experience in creating secure and efficient web services and APIs that facilitate seamless data exchange and integration with external systems.

Get Professional PHP Developers team

Get Professional PHP Developers team

Why Hire Dedicated WordPress PHP Developers from Karmaa Source Pvt Ltd?


Access a team of skilled PHP developers with expertise in custom web development, PHP upgrades, migrations, extension development, support, maintenance, eCommerce/CMS development, web services, and API integration.

Flexible Engagement

Choose from flexible engagement models, including monthly, part-time, or hourly terms, based on your project's requirements.


Save on overhead costs associated with full-time employees by hiring dedicated PHP developers on a flexible basis.

Timely Delivery

Ensure high-quality and timely delivery of projects, from simple applications to complex portals, with dedicated developers focused solely on your project.


Scale your development team as per project demands without the hassle of recruitment and onboarding processes.

Our Dedicated
PHP Developers

Our PHP developers at Karmaa Source Pvt Ltd are proficient in

PHP Frameworks

Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, etc.

Database Management

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.

Frontend Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.

Version Control Systems

Git, SVN, etc.

API Integration

RESTful APIs, SOAP Services, etc.

PHP Frameworks

Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, etc.

Cloud Platforms

AWS, Azure, etc.

Payment Gateways Integration

Access to a vast library of resources and community support.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Works seamlessly across different operating systems.


Robust security features to protect your web applications.

Ease of Learning

Easy syntax and extensive documentation make PHP beginner-friendly.


Easily scale your applications as your business grows.


Seamless integration with various databases and third-party APIs.

Why Choose PHP?

PHP is an open-source, easy-to-learn, and secure offshore web development language. It is a well-established platform with a large community. Know why you should choose PHP for web development:

How It Works?

Requirement Analysis

We collaborate with you to understand your project requirements, goals, and timelines.

Developer Selection

Based on your needs, we select the most suitable PHP developers from our talent pool.

Engagement Model

Choose from monthly, part-time, or hourly engagement models as per your project's scope.

Project Kickoff

Our dedicated developers seamlessly integrate into your team and start working on your project.

Quality Assurance

Our developers adhere to best practices and thorough testing to deliver high-quality results.

Support & Maintenance

Post-launch, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for your application's smooth operation.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. It is a long established fact that a reader.

What skills should I look for in a dedicated WordPress developer?

Seek expertise in WordPress CMS, PHP, HTML, CSS, and experience with theme and plugin development.

How can I assess the proficiency of a WordPress developer?

Review their WordPress portfolio, conduct technical interviews, and check client references for insights into their abilities.

What's the typical cost of hiring a dedicated WordPress developer?

Costs vary based on experience, ranging from $20 to $100 per hour or fixed-price contracts for projects.

How do I ensure effective collaboration with a WordPress developer?

Clearly define project requirements, utilize project management tools, and maintain open communication channels.

What qualities should I prioritize in selecting a WordPress developer?

Look for developers with creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems efficiently.


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